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I started my career in the pet industry in 2011 where I worked as a daycare attendant at a doggy daycare, boarding and training facility. In the first year working there, I started assisting in dog training classes and soon realized that is where my passion lay. In 2012, I got my CCS certification in dog training and behavior through the Northwest School of Canine Studies. From there, I started teaching classes such as puppy classes, tricks and advanced manners.

In 2016, I took my career down another path and started working in animal welfare. I went back to school and achieved my Applied Animal Behavior certification from the University of Washington. I also started my job rehabilitating homeless dogs and cats in the behavior program at Seattle Humane. During this time, I focused my training on behavior modification such as fear, aggression and reactivity.

I believe that you don't need to use fear and discomfort to train an animal. I use positive methods and focus on building the relationship between owner and pet. I love to continue my education by attending seminars and keeping up on the latest studies and techniques.

Meet the Trainers: About Me




 I’ve been training dogs professionally since 2013. Beginning as a shelter volunteer, much of my experience comes from helping foster and newly adopted dogs gain confidence and thrive in their new homes. I am a 2019 graduate of Northwest School of Canine Studies and a CPDT-KA. Additionally, I earned certification as a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer in 2022 and have enjoyed working with clients online nationwide.  My favorite students are usually adolescent dogs with big feelings and lots of energy. When I'm not coaching dogs or their humans, I'm probably watching a documentary, creating some art project or roller skating. 

Meet the Trainers: About Me


Trainer Apprentice

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My animal care journey began when I got my first pygmy goat in 2011. Yes, goat! I spent my summer training her to walk on a leash and “pose” so I could show her at the state fair. Even though our training sessions were hilariously unproductive at times, we formed an unbreakable bond that changed the course of my life. From that summer forward, I knew I wanted to work alongside animals and their humans, helping them build and strengthen their own relationships.

After earning my degree in biology at Western Washington University, I decided to officially enter the pet care industry as a dog attendant at a dog daycare and boarding facility in 2021. There, I solidified my understanding of dog behavior and proper socialization. In 2022, I shifted towards animal welfare and became an animal attendant at a companion animal shelter called PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society). This role gave me hands-on experience working with dogs and cats of different breeds, ages, and backgrounds. In addition to my shelter work, I began dog walking and pet sitting full-time. Before I knew it, I was a pet care business owner of Ashley's Animal Care!

In 2023, I set out to find a dog trainer who could help me make training a positive and fun experience for me, my reactive pup, and everyone involved. I ended up connecting with an AMAZING trainer named Katie at Katie’s Clever Canines and the rest is history! As an owner of a fearful and reactive dog myself, I am committed to learning the most effective training methods to set these dogs and their humans up for success. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Katie and her clever canine companions!

Meet the Trainers: About Me
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