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Cute Puppy

Puppies are a lot of work. From training to socialization raising a puppy is a full time job. Now what if I told you that puppies need to be completely socialized by 22 weeks of age AND there is an improper way to socialize your pup that can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. Overwhelming, right?

That's where we come in. Katie's Clever Canines offers puppy board and trains for puppies 8-22 weeks of age. We work on properly socializing, behavior issue prevention training and we teach foundational skills to help your puppy be a well rounded adult dog. At the end of your puppies board with us, you will receive private training sessions to learn how to continue and implement what your puppy learned during their stay.

1 week board and train + 1 private training session: $800

2 week board and train + 2 private training sessions: $1500

Have a pent up pooch and no time to give them a day of fun? We have got you covered, with tails on the trails! This program is design to get your cooped up canine out exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All while meeting new friends and learning important skills from a professional trainer. Your pup will learn trail etiquette, recall, mild reactivity prevention skills and relaxation. They will get to explore the trail with the freedom of a 30ft longline so they can truly feel like the wild dog they are. We welcome all dog tolerant pups 6 months and older to join! 

A meet and greet is required for all new tails on the trails members. The meet and greet price will go toward their first hike. 

Meet and greet: $20
1 hiking hound: $70
2 hiking hounds: $120

Have a dog who prefers to hike solo? Book a solo hike for $175. 

This service is offered for puppies 8-22 weeks of age. 45 minute puppy socialization service focuses on socializing to people, grooming equipment, resource guarding prevention and happy vet visits!

Meet and Greet: $20

Single puppy socialization visit: $50

4 visit package: $180 ($45 per visit)

8 visit package: $320 ($40 per visit)

Our Walk and Train service is a balance between physical and mental exercise. Its perfect for dogs who are reactive, need help with leash manners or dogs who don't get worn out with normal walks. 

Meet and Greet: $20

8, 45 minute session package: $360 ($45 per session)

4, 45 minute session package: $188 ($47 per session)

Single 45 minute session: $50


8, 30 minute session package: $280 ($35 per session)

4, 30 minute session package: $148 ($37 per session)

Single 30 minute session: $40

Each additional dog: $10

Our trade program is designed to help pet parents gain confidence and control  without the use of their aversive training tools. Whether you're dealing with excessive pulling or aggression, we can help you ditch the prong and stop the shock. In this 4 session program, you will be taught how animals learn, how to build a stronger bond with your pet and how to teach reliable behaviors without the use of force, pain or intimidation. We are here to help owners who are struggling. We will trade you discounted training for your aversive training collars. Get 10% off our regular training prices and at the end of the program, you give us your training collars!

Trade program: $405 (regularly $450)

Each additional dog: $180 (regularly $200)

Whether you are struggling with reactivity or just want to teach your dog a solid recall, Katie's Clever Canines can help! Our one hour, in home private training and behavior consulting services include a personalized training plan, hands on demonstration and coaching and 6 months of email/text support. 

Consultation: $150

Follow up session: $120

3 follow up session package: $300 ($100 per session)

Each additional dog: $50

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There is a common misconception that you cant train your furry feline, but that is definitely not true! We can teach your cat to come to his/her name and walk on a leash. We can also help with behavioral issues such as shy/fearful, multi-cat tension, house soiling and more!  Our one hour service includes a personalized training plan, hands on demonstration and coaching and 6 months email/text support.

Consultation: $70

Follow up sessions: $50

Each additional cat: $25

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