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Our Walk and Train service is a balance between physical and mental exercise. Its perfect for dogs who are reactive, need help with leash manners or dogs who don't get worn out with normal walks. 

Meet and Greet: $20

8, 45 minute session package: $360 ($45 per session)

4, 45 minute session package: $188 ($47 per session)

Single 45 minute session: $50


8, 30 minute session package: $280 ($35 per session)

4, 30 minute session package: $148 ($37 per session)

Single 30 minute session: $40

Each additional dog: $10


This service is offered for puppies 8-22 weeks of age. 45 minute puppy socialization service focuses on socializing to people, grooming equipment, resource guarding prevention and happy vet visits!

Meet and Greet: $20

Single puppy socialization visit: $50

4 visit package: $180 ($45 per visit)

8 visit package: $320 ($40 per visit)



Have a pent up pooch and no time to give them a day of fun? We have got you covered, with tails on the trails! This program is design to get your cooped up canine out exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. All while meeting new friends and learning important skills from a professional trainer. Your pup will learn trail etiquette, recall, mild reactivity prevention skills and relaxation. They will get to explore the trail with the freedom of a 30ft longline so they can truly feel like the wild dog they are. We welcome all dog tolerant pups 6 months and older to join! 

A meet and greet is required for all new tails on the trails members. The meet and greet price will go toward their first hike. 

Meet and greet: $20
1 hiking hound: $70
2 hiking hounds: $120

Have a dog who prefers to hike solo? Book a solo hike for $140. 

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